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GbE modules

2600 MCM1000T-S
MCM1000T to S module 1000T to 1000SX 850nm m/m Conversion Module, 220m duplex SC, MA
2601 MCM1000T-LX1
MCM1000T-LX1 module 1000T to 1000LX 1310nm Conversion Module, 10km. duplex SC, MA
2650 MCM1000X
MCM1000X Front Panel Flexible Gigabit Ethernet conversion module for MetroStar with 2 SFP modular ports The MCM1000X module with suitable GbE CWDM/DWDM SFP transceivers may act as a Copper/Fiber to Fiber transponder for WDM applications
2651 MCM1000X-RL
MCM1000X-RL module Any to Any link protection Gigabit Ethernet conversion module for MetroStar with 4 SFP modular ports
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