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WDM - Transmission

The recent progress in telecommunication applications for voice, video and data has placed additional demands for fiber optic networks. Adding more fiber to existing networks can be cost- prohibitive to service providers. A better and less costly solution is provided by WDM technology.

FibroLAN's WDM series include MetroStarTM Modules, small form Stand-alone devices, and comprehensive DWDM over CWDM solutions. The WDM equipment includes Multiplexers, OADMs, Transponders and SFP interfaces.

FibroLAN's WDM series comprises a set of 10 WDM building blocks, with with channels each supporting 10Gb bandwidth, in addition to the full facilities of the MetroStar System.

"Monitor" ports allow live monitoring and troubleshooting of the WDM signals.

FibroLAN's WDM equipment allows users and service providers to increase the capacity of the existing fiber with up to 9 CWDM wavelengths and 10 DWDM channels, allowing a total capacity of up to 19 channels.

FibroLAN WDM provides attractive solutions for large enterprise and carriers: stronger than traditional CWDM, more economical than DWDM. This section includes the SFP transceivers used in FibroLAN products.

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