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Access - NTUs

This section presents a comprehensive range of intelligent NTUs/CPEs designed to be deployed at customer's premises (or building), used to hand-off service to subscribers (demarcation devices).

In addition to providing basic traffic transmission, these devices offer the most advanced OAM (in-band, IP-less) that allow carriers to provide high SLAs while reducing truck-rolls and OPEX in general.

The OAM platform is based of FibroLAN's MA (Micro Agent) protocol running on dedicated chips embedded in each device (slave) as well as in each MetroStar line module (section I) to which the device is connected over fiber.

Among the OAM functionality you may find: Full remote status, Link Integrity, Fault Propagation, Link Segmentation test, Loop-Back, Extended Loop back, Signal detect, Auto Log-In, setting speed and duplex modes, Last Gasp, VLANs, Rate-Limiting, statistics and more (some of the features are not applicable to certain models).

 All the NTU/CPE devices in this section may also operate with an optional internal DC Power Supply PS24, PS48 (-24/-48Vdc) instead of the AC PS.

Certain models support also OAM via IEEE802.3ah; these can be remotely managed by third party edge switches (supporting this standard) and do not require connection to the MetroStar platform.

Variety includes layer 1 and 2 devices, speeds from 2Mbps to Gbps, E1/T1 integration, local aggregators and link protection devices. While originally designed for carriers, the NTU devices provide a high end, cost efficient solution for medium/large enterprise networks as well. See section IV (WDM Transmission) for SFP transceivers.

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