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10GE NTU/Extender released
20 October, 2008
FibroLAN Announces 10GE NTU Product, Market's First Device of its Kind
New GA10 NTU/Extender/Demarcation Device Serves Important Needs of ILECs

TOPEKA, KS (MATSS CONFERENCE), October 20, 2008 -- FibroLAN (, a leading vendor of fiber optic access systems for enterprise and service providers in metropolitan markets, today announced its GA10 product, the first device of its kind in the industry. The GA10 is a 10Gbps (LAN) Network Termination Unit (NTU)/Extender/Demarcation device that delivers critical functionality for Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and provides them with a high quality, cost-effective and flexible solution that meets their most important needs.
FibroLAN unveils its NGN NTU
21 September, 2008
The Falcon series of NGN NTU released today
FibroLAN announced today, September 22nd, 2008 its Next Generation line of fiber NTUs – the Falcon.
The Falcon series addresses all three market segments served by FibroLAN.
KiwiRail chooses Falcon and WDM lines for network infrastructure
15 August, 2011
The uFalcon-S is now generally available !
18 October, 2012
FibroLAN's latest addition to the Falcon product line of Carrier Ethernet systems, the uFalcon-S, is now generally available for customer evaluations and orders. The product has recently gone through several successful evaluations with customers worldwide.
Expanding WDM
19 August, 2008
New modules and system components expand FibroLAN's WDM solution raeching up to 20 channels at total bandwidth up to 200Gbps
MSM4000U and U.CON4000 for 1/2/4G Fiber Channel applications
30 June, 2010
MSM4000U and U.CON4000 for 1/2/4G Fiber Channel applications
FibroLAN has released the newest members of the transparent channel family, the MSM4000U MetroStar module and the U.CON4000 standalone device, for 4GFC applications.
These products provide a transparent optical conversion channel, SFP based, typically used for mode conversion or extension of fiber links. Both models can operate in a wide range of data rates (100M to 4G), independently of the type of technology used (SDH/SONET, Ethernet, FC, ESCON, etc).
To complete the 4GFC support, FibroLAN offers a wide range of 4Gbps SFPs for distances of up to 80km, including single fiber and C/DWDM.
OEM agreement with HP for NMS signed
11 July, 2011
FibroLAN joins the MEF
18 October, 2012
FibroLAN has today joined the MEF as a full member. Along with new product releases (uFalcon-S) and FibroLAN's roadmap for the coming year, this emphasizes the company's commitment to continue the evolution in Access and Mobile Backhauling application, by delivering market leading solutions in the Carrier Ethernet space.
RUS USDA Rural Development Acceptance for FibroLAN’s Product Line
5 June, 2008
Enables FibroLAN and Its Reseller Partners To Help Independent Service Providers More Profitably Rollout Broadband Access Services Over Fiber in Rural Areas
UTC Telecom Tradeshow 2012
MGM Grand, Foxwoods,CT
19 July, 2012
FibroLAN will participate at UTC Telecom Tradeshow 2012, taking place on 19-21 September , at MGM Grand, Foxwoods, CT
FibroLAN unveils NGN Backhauling NTU
19 May, 2009
FibroLAN announced today, May 19th, 2009 its line of Synchronous Ethernet fiber NTUs, the Falcon SE series
Updated Price list (PL_Sept. 2010) is now available at "Downloads" section
16 September, 2010
Updated Price list (PL_Sept. 2010) is now available at "Downloads" section
The µFalcon hits unprecedented price and performance levels for mass NTU use
24 November, 2010
Designed to optimize cost for mass deployments of Ethernet NTUs, while maintaining high level of performance, features and scalability, the µFalcon extends the boundaries of Ethernet services at record breaking price levels.
Stay tuned for more details.
Samples for testing are already shipping.
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